Why Can’t We Suck Ourselves Off?

It’s a simple enough question, isn’t it?

Why can’t life be easy and self-gratifying?

I mean, as life goes on and things get harder, sometimes I wonder if knees are going to break under the pressure of carrying the fuckin’ world on my back. Even now as I write this, I am wondering what is going on with mankind. The rich are running the world, the poor are pissing it away, and the nerds are needling their paths towards either direction. I can say that I fit into that middle portion.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I have often tried to suck my own cock with much success. It’s just not a normal thing to do, unless your name is Ron and you come from New York…and even then, it only lasts for a while until time catches up with you. Oy gevalt…that’s why I often turn to pornography. It might be a hated subject, but you know, most good things in life are hated by the Conservative wingnuts who have little to say beyond, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

So, you may ask, how can we fix that issue??

Simple, such each other off and move along. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but that doesn’t mean we have to go through life trying to stab out our friends. More so, we just stab out the freaks that hold their reigns over us and tell us to pull their plump tuchases around the world.

So I say let them tell me not to watch porn. I’ll do it with both middle fingers raised. If you think you can agree with that idea, then welcome aboard. If not,



(Oh, and on a side-note, check out anything with Anthony Rosano, definitely a good friend and great adult star. *****)


Author: tappedonlineblog

Hey, I'm Oliver! I'm not your average run-of-the-mill Jewish pornographer/erotic enthusiast. I happen to be a bestselling erotic author. You can find my books on Amazon even today! I have seen a lot of talk about pornography becoming a snooze-fest lately and I'm sick of it. So jump on board and let's talk!

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