Intimidation Vs. Serious Business

Porn is one of the businesses that you can’t fuck around with. I mean, sure you get your goofy actors and your moron cameramen on occasion, but you don’t fuck around when it comes to the business, you’re in it to make money and that’s what matters most…besides the good pussy.

Take stupid people for instance.

Stupid people will take pride in the fact that they are stupid. They say one thing and then puss out of it. They try one thing and then puss out of it. They promise something and then puss out of it. It gets to a point that any attempt at them being serious turns into a laughable matter that you just can’t help but imagine breaking their dick off and shoving it down their throat until they cum on their lungs.

When you make pornography, you’re making it enjoyable for everyone. And while those niche bangers out there will probably get pissy over this statement, it has to be said:


It’s a joke. It makes everything a joke. It makes the people look like jokes. It makes stupid people look smart. And worst of all, there’s nothing remotely watchable about the situation. It’s just a mess…

I’ve seen orgies with better value than most of that worthless shit. It’s a puss out. They puss out and expect everyone else to pick up the pieces or feel bad for them.

Here’s a piece of threatening advice: STOP PUSSING OUT YOU FUCKING CUNTS!

(On a more enthralling review, anyone catch the film, Deep Throat? Yeah, that famous film from the ’70s. It’s a real gem. Linda Lovelace and Harry Reems FTW!)


Author: tappedonlineblog

Hey, I'm Oliver! I'm not your average run-of-the-mill Jewish pornographer/erotic enthusiast. I happen to be a bestselling erotic author. You can find my books on Amazon even today! I have seen a lot of talk about pornography becoming a snooze-fest lately and I'm sick of it. So jump on board and let's talk!

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