Start A Porn Company (Easy as 1,2,3)

So there is a lot of people out there who get the idea that “hey, I’ll film some serious fuck-action and then sell it to the masses for billions.”

Not likely.

However, if you want to take a shot at it, take a shot at figuring how to be the next Zalman King or Seymore Butts, I’m going to attach two links that can possibly help you out. And just to show you that I’m not plugging these sites shamelessly, I’m going to see about getting my own biz set up.

The first is an article from WikiHow, which over the years has taught me plenty of things, if though the majority I already had some basic knowledge of. Still, it’s surprising when you discover what they will roll out next:

The second, and possibly more helpful, article is for those who need a guide to starting a studio/business/basic needs. I’m going to be using it extensively in my attempt at filling the director’s chair:

So take a big hit off the bong of porn and let’s get boned together.

(Also side-review, anything with Sasha Grey is definitely a win-win, however, just because it’s not my personal interest, she has gone into golden showers and toilet-licking. So despite those facts, I’m still granting her five stars. *****)